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SUV Beach Camping

In a couple more days, my wife and I will be heading out to California for spring break and some 4Runner camping on the beach.

Last time we were out there camping, we were with our daughters and their significant others and husbands, so we opted to rent a travel trailer. The company set it up for us and picked it back up after our stay was over. It was about 23 feet long I believe. Those who wanted, stayed in their tents.

This next week, it will just be the two of us camping. Really, it is our excuse to get out to the California coast and get a break. Time to test out the idea of sleeping in the Toyota 4Runner and also seeing if this option is viable for our Florida trip in June.

Our first camping will be beachfront north of Ventura in California. I booked 2 nights there. I believe it only has a picnic bench and a fire ring on the campsite. The campground has bathrooms and a little store as I remember from when I booked it. My plan is to drive in from Arizona in one day, stay there and then have the entire next day to relax, explore and hike the area. Sleep there again and then the next day move south down the coast to the campground we stayed at before with the kids for one night, then the following night down south a few more miles to a new campground we have never stayed at for our final night.

I built a sleeping platform for the 4Runner for camping. I have also recently bought a new suv camping tent. It is designed to fit around the open back door hatch to allow you to sleep in the 4Runner and still have rain and wind protection from the tent while increasing your headroom and space. It is a Rightline SUV camping tent. I believe it was $300 off Amazon. I ordered it in February and only 2 were in stock. Sorry if I bought the last one!

I have a 120 volt (400 watt) plug in in the rear section of my 4Runner for AC power. I read last night in the owner’s manual that it only works while the engine is on. I am still testing it out. I was wondering if it works while I am driving down the road.

My main focus right now is YouTube. I will be posting this trip on there too. I have this 4Runner Beach Camping trip first, but more cross country trips planned throughout the summer. Maybe Florida, North Dakota, Utah and Washington State. See ya on the road!

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